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A Little Creative Gift provide creative, themed gift boxes to inspire, empower and engage a little recipient.

A Little Creative Gift provides complimentary gift wrapping in bright, fun colours, ready to gift to a little recipient.

Gift boxes can be delivered to the gift giver, or alternatively, bring joy to your little recipient by addressing and sending this parcel directly to them.

Our gift boxes are suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

My name is Karen - mum - wife - lover of all things creative!

After reading Julia Cameron's,  The Artist's Way for Parents: Raising creative children,  I found a renewed sense for sharing my love of creativity with my two young children. 

Whist it is certainly great to have my own creative time, I realised that this creative part of me didn't have to be separated from life as a mum. I love providing my two young boys with creative opportunity.

Being creative isn't just about paper, scissors and glue...it's about me being me and you being you! Creativity is about self expression and having a sense of freedom, which can be expressed in many forms.

A Little Creative Gift was born out of inspiration from my own children, our relationship with creativity and the desire to provide a unique gifting product that will bring creative joy to a little recipient.